Jigsaw Settles Lawsuit Against S’More

Dating app Jigsaw has settled its patent infringement lawsuit against competitor S’More.

The case was settled after S’More removed the feature which Jigsaw alleged infringed its patent.

Alex Durrant, CEO of Jigsaw, said “We are happy to have reached a swift settlement. We are one of the original personality-first dating apps. Competition is healthy ̶ we welcome more choice for daters who want more than looks-based swiping ̶ but we’ll continue to fiercely protect our intellectual property.”

Jigsaw sees itself as an early pioneer of the “less superficial” dating app, an alternative dating platform for people who want less shallowness in their connection-finding.

The Jigsaw dating app focuses on personality and quality conversation—initially obscuring each users’ profile photos with puzzle-shaped pieces and gradually removing them as conversation flows.

You can find GDI’s coverage of the initial lawsuit filing here.