Jim Lanzone Discusses Tinder Updates in CNN Interview

Jim Lanzone was interviewed by CNN to talk more about yesterday’s announcement of several new features that marked Tinder’s biggest update in years.

The dating app introduced video profiles for the first time, allowing clips to be inserted alongside other photos. This was joined by a new live game called ‘Hot Takes’, which connects users before the match for a relaxed conversation based on their answers to a suggested topic.

An ‘Explore’ page is also due to be released by the end of the summer, providing instant access to Tinder’s variety of features, modes and experiences, as well as filtering profiles by their interests.

Speaking to CNN, Lanzone explained that Tinder’s simplicity is what made it popular when it was first launched in 2013. 

However, he noted that the next generation of daters is built on “self expression”, meaning they now require more opportunities to express themselves and more information before they decide who to match with.

The CEO, who joined Tinder almost 11 months ago, also covered the ‘Future Of Dating’ report published in March. This included analysis about how dating activity has evolved and predictions about what this might mean in the future.

One of the biggest takeaways was the belief that daters will be more “honest”, as the pandemic gave them time to reflect on their romantic lives. Many have concluded that they’re ready to find something serious which would require them to be open and honest from the off.

Lanzone told CNN: “The whole Tinder experience is now going to be evolving to reflect that desire for more authenticity and really slowing things down. 

“That isn’t just something from Gen Z, but we saw from all generations using Tinder during COVID. [There’s] this desire to get to know people virtually, before deciding that there was a spark of something more, and then they would actually take that into the real world.”

Watch the full interview here.