Juice WRLD Joins Tinder U For ‘Swipe Off’ Contest

100 universities in the US are taking part in Tinder’s second Swipe Off competition, with the winning college receiving a free concert from rapper Juice WRLD.

Students need to make sure they have enrolled at their college on Tinder U before they start swiping. The school with the most amount of right swipes will be declared the winner.

The competition got underway yesterday and will run until 10th April, with trailing schools being eliminated every few days.

Once the winner is announced, a branded profile will be live in the app for its students. The first 500 users to swipe right on the card will get a free ticket to the prize concert, which will take place on April 24th at a nearby venue.

Juice WRLD said in a promotional video on Twitter: “I’m teaming up with Tinder for Swipe Off. Basically, the school that has the most right swipes gets a concert from yours truly, me, Juice WRLD – hopefully I’ll see you soon.”

Last year, the University of Massachusetts Amherst came out on top and earned a performance from Cardi B.

However, critics of the contest said the app became hard to use due to the number of false matches being made by students continuously swiping right.

Tinder U recently introduced Spring Break mode to let users show where they would be going on holiday, making it easier to meet new people in select destinations.

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