Just How Important Will The Launch Of Facebook’s Messenger Bot Store Be?

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Facebook’s highly-anticipated announcement of its Messenger Bot Store has got many tech industry insiders contemplating just how much its launch could impact the world of apps as we know it.

A recent article on TechCrunch asks whether its launch will be the “most important” tech launch since the App Store, evaluating the consequences it will have for entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers alike.

The post, written by the CEO of communication app Prompt, Tom Hadfield, looks at how a “Bot Store” could also potentially kickstart a huge transformation in the way billions of users interact worldwide.

As well as giving an overview of how the Messenger Bot Store will work, Hadfield also looks at the evolution of messaging as a platform, from the early stages to the current days of seed financing rounds for bots like Howdy, Scout, and Rep.

You can read the full article here.