Kaspersky Lab Warns of Security Threats for Business Leaders Using Dating Apps

New research from Kaspersky Lab looks at how business leaders using dating apps may be accidentally threatening workplace security.

The new research discovered that 25% of the business leaders who using dating apps may be putting security at risk, with over half of those asked admitting to accessing dating apps on their work devices.

73% admitted to having no security solution, leaving them unprepared to fight any threats.

The research also discovered that 19% of business leaders on dating apps have had their device infected by spyware, malware or ransom-ware.

22% of respondents said they shared workplace information on their profile, and 24% of business leaders share their work details on the apps, with only 10% of the general population doing this.

Vladimir Zapolyansky, head of SMB business at Kaspersky Lab said: “The online dating game can be challenging enough without people falling victim to scammers or unwittingly putting their company at risk.”

This can be very dangerous, as around one-third of business leaders using the apps save work-related emails and documents to their work devices.

Zapolyansky has recommended that business leaders ensure their devices are protected, and that they be careful when speaking about their jobs to new matches online.

He also recommended companies to develop new policies regarding using dating apps on work devices, and what company information can be spoken about.

An October Kaspersky Lab report also looked at the different security threats in popular dating apps, including Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid and how much information users can disclose online.

An example of this was that four of the nine apps spoken about allowed potential criminals to circumvent nicknames or usernames and discover the true identity of users.

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