Marketing Firm Sees 20% Clickthrough Increase Using Google’s New ETA Ads

expanded text ads
A marketing company says it is seeing a 20% increase in clickthrough rates by using Google’s new Expanded Text Advertisements (ETAs).

The ETAs were created to offer a way for advertisers to add more information about their products and services on mobile ads.

And Kenshoo says it is the first independent tech company to be able to create, edit, view, optimise and track Google’s newest ads, helping 45 major advertisers optimise their campaigns using ETAs.

Speaking about the new ads, Kenshoo’s VP of corporate strategy and business development, Paul Vallez, said: “Kenshoo has held a close-working partnership with Google over the years.

“Our relationship and deep experience in search optimization have put us in position to be first to fully support ETAs for our clients.

“Research and development represents nearly half of Kenshoo’s workforce, and we continue to invest heavily in search to keep clients at the forefront of the channel and well ahead of their competitors.”

Google created the ads after finding that many people were not clicking through on advertisements when browsing on mobile devices.

The ads give advertisers the chance to add more prominent headlines, longer descriptions of their product or services and automatic display URL inclusions.

So far, 3.5m ETAs have been launched through Kenshoo, from 45 of the Internet Retailer Top 1000.

And since introducing the ads, Kenshoo said some of its advertisers have seen a 20% increase in click through rates by using the ads.

One of Kenshoo’s partners, Pat Hayden, Director of Paid Search at digital marketing agency Elite SEM said: “Thanks to Kenshoo’s expertise in making this transition seamless, we have been able to easily move our clients’ search budgets to Expanded Text Ads.

“Because of Kenshoo, we are rapidly establishing, measuring, optimising and improving our clients’ campaigns faster than the competition.”

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