Kickstarter Shuts Down Funding Campaign Of Controversial Tinder-Style Adoption App


Kickstarter has shut down the campaign of a controversial app looking to revolutionise the adoption process.

Adoptly works using a Tinder-style swiping functionality, letting prospective parents swipe left (no) or right (yes) on the profiles of children.

The company’s website explains further: “Simply setup your Adoptly parenting profile and set your search criteria. You’ll instantly be matched with all eligible children that fit your preferences.

“Our intuitive interface then makes it simple to quickly browse through your options, and even start a chat to make sure it’s the right fit.

“So you can forget about all the bureaucratic stuff and focus on what really matters – finding the perfect new addition to your family. That’s it!”

However, after launching a bid to raise $150,000, Kickstarter has decided to suspend Adoptly’s controversial campaign.

Although Kickstarter has not specifically said why the campaign was removed, it did provide a list of rules explaining various reasons why a campaign might be suspended.

Reports have also suggested that Adoptly might not be entirely legitimate – Adoptly’s listed employees have proven difficult to verify, according to The Verge, although the news site did speak to its co-founder Alex Nawrocki who confirmed that the company was indeed authentic.

The campaign raised $4,000 before it was suspended, and all funds will be returned to the 16 backers.

To find out more about Kickstarter’s rules please click here.