Kontan Toi: A Dating App for Indian Ocean Communities

Kontan Toi is the first dating app serving communities in the Indian Ocean including Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, The Chagos Archipelago, The Maldives, The Seychelles, and Réunion Island.

The dating and matrimonial platform is designed to fit the needs of those living in islands in the Indian Ocean. It can be useful for people who are emigrating to the region, or those looking for members of this community while living abroad.

Kontan Toi which translates to “Love You” in Mauritian Creole, focuses more on creating committed relationships as opposed to hook ups. It offers users the ability to filter potential matches by whichever island they’re from in the Indian Ocean.

Users have the option of a free membership, or various paid tiers that offer benefits such as unlimited profile views and adding a Gold Badge to their profile.

The platform’s website states that it only verifies users that have submitted official ID documentation, including a Passport, Driver’s License or National ID card.

Kontan Toi is available on iOS and Android.