La Vette: Exclusive Video-First Dating App

La Vette is a dating platform for intentional singles, with users building video-based profiles. The platform is exclusive, with new members having to undergo a third-party background check and be personally approved by a La Vette team member.

The platform was created by Mia Lux, who was left disappointed when she tried the existing dating apps out there. She set out to create a dating app that addressed some of the issues she experienced.

One issue she identified was deceptive profiles which didn’t accurately reflect the individual. This prompted her to adopt video-only profiles, which are harder to manipulate compared to static images.

Video profiles are also a more accurate depiction of an individual and “you actually get to feel the person’s energy – how they speak, how they move”, she told Vogue.

La Vette also looks to reduce ghosting, and encourage users to respect each other’s time. The platform prompts users after an IRL date to say whether they want more, to be friends, or to close the connection altogether. Not completing this step on three occasions leads to the user being banned, Lux explained.

To encourage greater authenticity and connection, La Vette has virtual rooms for networking and five minute pre-date meditation sessions. As part of this, members are asked about challenges in their love lives, careers, families, and lifestyles.

“It gives so much more depth to who the person is, because they’re not only sharing the good stuff, but also stuff that they’re struggling with, which allows for a kind of vulnerability and connectedness”, Lux shared.

The platform is currently only operating in the US, and has received $2 million in seed investment so far. Investors include musician Questlove and actor Hugh Jackman.

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