Large Fall in Employee Morale at Facebook

An internal survey of Facebook employees has reportedly found that only 52% are optimistic about the future of the company. This is down from 84% in 2017.

Moreover, the percentage expressing pride in being a Facebook employee has fallen from 87% to 70%. On average, professionals intend to stay at the company for under 4 years.

Facebook stock is in steep decline after several years of growth. Most attribute this to the scandals which engulfed the company in 2018, such as the Cambridge Analytica controversy.

One of the biggest shocks came in Q2, when a slower-than-expected growth in daily active users wiped $120 billion from the company’s market cap.

This week, news emerged that the social media giant has ties to a Republican opposition-research firm which may have used smear tactics against rivals to defend Zuckerberg’s reputation.

In a statement made to The New York Times, Facebook said: “This has been a tough time at Facebook and our entire management team has been focused on tackling the issues we face.”

“While these are hard problems we are working hard to ensure that people find our products useful and that we protect our community from bad actors.”

Facebook Dating is live in Colombia, Canada and Thailand. Product Manager Nathan Sharp says it has had an overwhelmingly positive response thus far.

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Scott Harvey

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