Leading Dating Payment Provider SecurionPay Unveils Redesigned Site


SecurionPay, an innovative payment provider used by a number of top dating businesses, has just unveiled its brand new redesigned website.

The refresh debuts a fully responsive cleaner design and more user-friendly navigation, while also adding a much simpler registration process.

The Swiss team has also implemented drag and drop solutions to the platform – letting businesses build their own checkout layouts – as well as an updated and flexible API.

Speaking about the new platform, SecurionPay CEO Lucas Dominic said: “Our completely redesigned website is a next step in our product expansion throughout many verticals.

“Our partners are always a top priority for SecurionPay, so we did our best to further improve the unique user experience our system delivers to our dating clients.

“A new version of the website delivers improved and simplified navigation and more informative content. Even the registration process now takes just a few clicks.”

SecurionPay is a cross-device, online and mobile payment gateway that focuses on security and flexibility, specifically tailoring its solution for “high risk” industries like online dating.

The Swiss company was built in 2014 by a team with 12 years experience in payments, and uses a technology that is similar to Stripe, but employs it for use in high-risk markets that Stripe ignores.

Dating businesses that use the platform include HubPeople, DateYard, Meets.com, OleDating.com & Myaffaire.com.

Speaking about the dating side of its business, Dominic said: “We are proud of our ever-growing list of dating partners. Dating plays a significant role for SecurionPay, and although it is just one of the verticals supported by our platform, it is a very important one.

“The simplified user flow with quick and easy payments increasing conversion is one of the features our dating clients love and a main reason to integrate SecurionPay into your dating site.”

And with the redesigned site, potential new customers can also do a live test drive of the platform on their site, to see how it would appear when integrated.

SecurionPay – which was recently named one of the 29 best FinTech APIs in the world – is also offering potential clients a free conversion audit for their business.

To find out more about the payment platform visit SecurionPay’s website, and read our feature on the Swiss company here.