Less Than 7% Of Urban Indians Admit To Using Online Dating, Say Discounts Are Vital When Shopping Online

Urban Indians

Urban Indians are apparently less likely to purchase things online if they aren’t discounted, a new study has claimed.

The recent poll, conducted by Inshorts and Ipsos, looks at the consumer behaviour of Indians, taking results from 150,000 unique respondents from the top 10 cities, 80% of which were under the age of 35.

And the report found that just 6.4% of Indians in urban areas admit to using online dating platforms, compared to a massive 67.3% who say they don’t.

In addition to this, 26.3% of people asked said they had never used an online dating platform before.

Women were found to be the least likely to use online dating platforms, with just 6% saying they had used them, compared to 6.4% of men.

The poll also revealed the biggest age brackets for online dating, with 8.4% of 25 to 35-year-olds saying they had used online dating platforms, compared to 5.4% of under-25s and 4.9% of over-35s saying they had dated online.

And when asked about their online consumer behaviour, the poll also found that 53.4% of people said they wouldn’t shop online if there weren’t any discounts, or if the price was the same as the retail value.

This flies in the face of a recent Google study that claimed the growth of India’s e-commerce market would not be reliant on discounts.

Google and A.T. Kearney found that 90% of buyers in their survey claimed they would not stop shopping online if discounts were discontinued.


In the Ipsos report, chat bots were also shown to be a slowly emerging tech trend amongst urban Indians, with 11.6% saying they had made a transaction online using a chat bot or personal assistant app.

The poll also revealed some strong popularity for particular social networks, with Instagram proving to be the favoured platform, 54% of people asked saying they used it most days.

This is compared to just 6.8% of people who prefer Snapchat, and 39% who use Twitter.

When it coms to video, YouTube was proven to be the leading platform with a huge 79.53% using the site to watch video online, compared to 10.9% using Facebook and 9.7% using WhatsApp.

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