LFGdating Wants To Be A Better Platform For Gamers Looking For Love

LFG Dating

A new site called LFGdating wants to break through the barriers gamers can face when online dating by creating an “unambiguous” platform for people who like to game.

Seeking to be a “professional, modern and clean” dating site, LFGdating connects like-minded people with similar lifestyles, interests and crucially, a love of gaming.

The idea came to co-founders Patrick Rafferty and Casey Tebo because they had both found the online dating scene frustrating, and were unimpressed with the current crop of gaming-focused platforms on offer.

Speaking about the birth of the site, Tebo said: “Patrick and I, at various intervals, had used online dating sites ourselves. It wasn’t that we didn’t meet anyone, or that quality of matches was low.

“What we realised is that it was hard to sift through profiles trying to find someone like us who liked to game, or at least tolerated that side of us!”

So, the founders created LFGdating, a modern site for “geeks and gamers”, that uses an algorithm focused on bringing together people who have similar interests.

Unlike competitors such as Dragonfruit, the platform does not use avatars, but lets singles create profiles that “highlight their positive aspects” while also focusing on their affinity for gaming as a central theme.

Regarding the gamer demographic, and whether it is under-represented in the world of online dating, Tebo said: “Honestly, we feel that gamers are people who like to game. It sounds silly, but we put “people” before we put “gamer”.

“People like clean, unambiguous sites. People like to know what is in front of them. If we can infuse our passion for gaming and connecting people into a modern, clean site, then everyone wins.

“And no – we don’t really think gamer dating sites are under-represented per se, but we feel that gamer dating sites in general tend to treat “gamers” as a sub-genre of people as opposed to people-first.

“Yes, I like Super Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo. Do I want LFGdating to look like an 8-bit dating website? No… not ever.”

Once matched, all users can reply to messages for free, however premium members are the only ones able to initiate conversation.

LFGdating also prides itself on its safety features & customer service, offering a more personal touch by promising to reply to all emails and calls within 24 hours.

In addition to this, every profile uploaded to the site is reviewed by the LFGdating team, to make sure scammers and fake profiles are kept to a minimum.

Tebo explains how this works: “We personally review each profile. While this is time consuming, it’s not as bad as most people think.

“We have a process in place if we feel a profile could be fake. We also have a process in place for when we know a fake profile has been created.

“Does this happen? Yes. Do we work diligently to make sure we catch it quickly? Absolutely.

“Fake profiles on a dating site are cancerous and eat away at the member experience.”

First founded in beta in 2012, the founders said the site is now seeing “unprecedented growth” in recent months, as the team preps the release of an iOS app for 2017.

As for future plans, Tebo said the team is hoping to continue to offer this personal touch to help grow LFG’s user base, as well as building new relationships with advertising partners and building on those they already have.

To find out more about LFGdating please click here.

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