Liftoff’s Annual Dating Apps Report: User Engagement by Gender

Mobile app marketing and retargeting firm Liftoff has released its 2018 report on the dating industry.

Drawing from an analysis of nearly 12 billion ad impressions across 4.4 million app installs spanning from December 1, 2016 to December 1, 2017, Liftoff’s Dating Report revealed a number of trends in the sector.

The second section of the report focuses on acquisition costs and user engagement broken down by gender.

In general, the report notes, costs are down and engagement is up. Moving users to paid subscriptions, however, still remains a challenge for marketers.

Males cost $2.48 to acquire on average, down 21% from last year. They are 18% cheaper to acquire than females.

Females cost $3.02 to acquire on average, down 16% from $3.58 in last year’s edition.

Females, while more expensive to acquire, have a higher install-to-registration rate. Over 60% of women who download an app are likely to sign up, while less than 50% of men do the same.

Regarding subscriptions, acquisition costs for males ($180.89) and females ($198.75) are down significantly over 2016 (males: $228.55, females: $251.12).

GDI will cover the findings on operating systems, seasonality and regions in upcoming articles.

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Download the full report here.