The Match Group See ‘Great Lift’ With Liftoff’s New Personalised Dynamic Ads Service

liftoff dynamic ads

Leading mobile marketing startup Liftoff has just announced the launch of its new product, which seeks to make it quicker & easier to create personalised ads.

Dynamic Ads lets advertisers create highly personalised mobile ads that are assembled programatically and in real time.

The ads created can then be personalised using demographics and behavioural data.

Advertisers can also automatically create and test hundreds of ad variations, without the need for designers, and optimise them with machine learning.

Liftoff says partners are already seeing anywhere between 150 – 400% increases in post-install conversions, and the new service is already proving successful for major dating player The Match Group.

The company is currently using Dynamic Ads, and Head of Mobile App Acquisition James Peng recently said it was “seeing a great performance lift from Dynamic Ads, and it’s yet another example of how Liftoff is leading the field through data, innovation and performance.

“This is a smart team that delivers, and they’ve taken programmatic mobile advertising to a whole new level.”

liftoff dynamic ads

And thanks to its work with companies like The Match Group, Dynamic Ads has 25 different ad templates – including specific templates for dating apps.

Speaking about its new product, Liftoff said: “With Dynamic Ads, the mobile marketer simply provides assets to Liftoff–images, text, colors, video, etc.–and the system takes it from there.

“Leveraging Liftoff’s database of over 2 billion mobile profiles, Dynamic Ads generate customized

ad creative in real-time that’s tailored to the individual based on device type, demographics and behavioral data like age, gender, income and location.

“The result is a more personalized and rich ad experience that simply performs better than non-dynamic, non-personalized ads–increasing install and post-install conversion rates by 150-400%, while significantly reducing the manual effort of the marketing team.”

Find out more about Dynamic Ads here.

Emma Woodley

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