LINKD Update Improves How Users View & Compare Shared Interests

LINKD Update App

LINKD, a dating app that pairs matches with London venues suitable for their personalities, has unveiled its improved user experience in a brand new update.

On Wednesday, the app, which launched in November 2015 released its updated version onto the App Store, which contains a number of front and back end improvements in preparation for Version 2.

According to LINKD CEO and co-founder Patric Okumi, the new update contains a number  “noticeable tweaks”, including the ability to swipe over images, and a “friendlier” chat interface.

As part of the app’s ability to make well-informed suggestions to its members based on personality information, the LINKD update has features improvements to its Match page.

In a move which helps its users match more and swipe less, they will now be able to see their shared interests with other users and exactly how their personalities and lifestyles compare.

The update also debuts model Olivia Arben as the new face of LINKD, made clear by the use of her photo on the screenshots used on the App Store.

LINKD update interface
When asked how this partnership came about, Okumi told GDI of how the two were introduced to each other by friends in the tech space.

He added: “The shot used for the App is perfect because it embodies our classic and chic brand without being elitist.

“We wanted to avoid the common, but cringe, photoshopped image that doesn’t resonate with users.”

LINKD has not yet disclosed any specific number about their user base, but has said that the app is growing by over 100% every month.

In terms of user demographic, the app is most popular with “busy, successful professionals” who want to made meaningful relationships but do not have the time for traditional dating processes.

LINKD Update Interface
When asked how they plan to grow the app, Okumi said: “We’re in an exciting juncture at present. We have a fantastic team and network across the Digital Marketing and PR community.

“LINKD’s unique positioning and offering straddle both the online and offline world so we’ve been fortunate to experience new member acquisition across various platforms, including organic and paid for activities.”

LINKD is currently available to download for iOS devices, with an Android version coming soon.

Visit it’s official site here.

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