London App That Lets Singles Pitch Great Date Ideas Officially Launches On iOS


Pitchit, the London dating app that lets users pitch perfect date ideas, has officially launched on iOS.

Rather than focusing completely on the person, like most dating apps, Pitchit focuses on the date – letting singles browse through date ideas that have been pitched by the app’s community.

These proposed dates could be anything from a specific event, say Ed Sheeran at the O2 on 2nd May, to rollerblading in Battersea Park or dinner & drinks in Mayfair.

Each of these date proposals has a specific time, place and date description, along with a photo and information about the person who pitched the date.

Cleverly, Pitchit lets you browse through the selection of date pitches currently on the platform after downloading the app, without having to go through a signup process.

If you are interested in any of the dates, or simply want to sign up to Pitchit, you go through a quick profile setup, which unlike other dating apps, is not done via Facebook.

Once your profile is set up, you can then pitch your own dates – first choosing a date category from the options of Food, Drinks, Outdoors, Get Fit, Music, Films/talks/expos, Fun Stuff or Late Nights.

Users can either choose from a pre-loaded idea, or make their own custom date by inputting what sort of date they are proposing, where it will be, and the time/date they are proposing it for.


Once you’ve posted the idea, people can register their interest in your date, and after you have whittled down these respondents to three, and chatted to these shortlisted users, you decide who you want to take on the date.

And after a beta launch earlier this year, the app is now officially available on the iOS store.

Speaking about the app, Danni Menzies, host of Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun and Pitchit co-founder said: “Pitchit’s focus on real-life dates is unique. There is no over-reliance on profiles or ‘magic’ algorithms that predict your perfect match; the app is all about the dating experience.”

The company sees its strategy as aiming to solve two major criticisms of online dating – that singles get matches but don’t receive messages, and that matches rarely turn into offline “real-life” meets.

Chrissy Rigby, Pitchit co-founder added: “In recent years there has been too much focus on looks and not enough on the dating experience. Pitchit puts the equilibrium back into dating because what you are doing is just as important as who you do it with.”

For its pre-set date ideas, Pitchit has made partnerships with major ticketing companies like Bookatable and Love Theatre, along with venues like Junkyard Golf, Hackney Showroom and Artisan Du Chocolat.

The app is available for free with no subscription fees on iOS, with an Android version coming later this year.