London Venues Offer Free First Date Drinks to Inner Circle Users

The Inner Circle has partnered with ten popular first date spots in London to offer users a free first round of drinks.

The promotion was born after the app estimated that the average single Londoner spends approximately £275 a year on first round drinks. 

A survey of more than 1,000 members found that a quarter of women think their date not offering to pay is a deal breaker. The exclusive dating platform says its offer can help here by preventing awkward first meetings. 

Each venue will have its own page inside The Inner Circle app, which couples will need to show to the bartender to receive their drinks free of charge.

CEO David Vermeulen said in a statement: “When you go on a first date you want to give the person in front of you your full attention. Starting with a drink on the house, particularly at a high-end bar, sets the right tone.

“It puts everyone in a positive mood and takes the issue of ‘who pays’ right out the equation in the very first moments of meeting.”

The ten participating locations are:

  1. Sanctum Soho
  2. Tonteria
  3. Morton’s
  4. The Little Yellow Door
  5. The Bletchley
  6. Laki Kane
  7. Behind This wall
  8. The Little Blue Door
  9. Megaro Bar
  10. ABQ London

The Inner Circle held a summer party at London’s Battersea Park last month, where singles could go to eat and drink with friends or take part in icebreaker games to meet a new partner.

Bumble launched its own ‘BumbleSpots’ initiative at the end of 2018, giving users safe spaces to meet their online matches in the real world.

Visit The Inner Circle website here.