Loop Dating App Launches at Harvard Business School

Loop is a newly founded platform that helps individuals find romantic introductions. Users can join either as singles ready to mingle, or as matchmakers looking to set up friends in their network.

In an interview with The Harbus, the co-founders of Loop explained that the platform looks to address the issue of trust in online dating. They share that many users don’t trust the information they see about others, and feel like they are being lied to.

Loop looks to help connect singles in a method that’s been used throughout human history, by harnessing the power of trusted sources and friends. That’s why Loop enables matchmaking friends to get involved and start supporting single friends to find new romantic connections.

With mutual friends able to recommend potential matches, the issue of trust is addressed. “When you talk to someone who has successfully set their friend up, they won’t shut up about it. It’s because it’s the best thing you can do. And it makes them feel good”, said co-founder Lian Zucker.

As well as these two types of user profiles, the app also has a spotlight tool, which allows users to pitch a friend to their full network of contacts, similar to a virtual singles pitch night. 

The Harbus writes that Loop’s mission is to “convince people to get off the swipe-based apps and trust in their friends instead”.

The platform launched on the Harvard Business School campus on April 9th, and is available on the Apple App Store. 

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