Lumen Posts New Anti-Ageism Photoshoot Starring Jameela Jamil’s Mother

Lumen is launching a new anti-Photoshop campaign to celebrate women ageing naturally and gracefully.

The photoshoot starred former model Shireen Jamil, mother of actress Jameela Jamil, who herself is a strong advocate in stopping editing being used in photography.

Jameela is very active on Twitter and regularly calls out users who body-shame and discriminate, and holds brands that promote dieting laxatives to account.

The dating app for over-50s is taking a stand against airbrushing and ageism, and said it was “incredibly proud” to have the 63-year-old representing the brand.

Shireen Jamil said in a statement: “[I hope these photographs] will “help to inspire confidence in other older people, of all genders, whose sense of self-worth has, for whatever reason, been dented.

“I believe in ageing gracefully rather than trying to hold back time. In the words of Keats, ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases’.”

As a former victim, she is also a very influential figure in fighting domestic abuse. In 2015, ‘Shireen’s Law’ was passed, allowing sufferers to report crimes over six months after they occurred. She admitted it was challenging to appear in this photo-shoot, because her scars would be visible.

Lumen has been regularly featured in mainstream media for its marketing campaigns. To mark its Wales launch, the brand created the the longest coined word in the the Welsh language.

Its Christmas billboards were banned by Transport for London over claims that they were objectifying a male model by having him pose topless.

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Dominic Whitlock

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