MagicLab Hosts Reddit Q&A Session

Over the past two nights, MagicLab’s UK-based engineering teams hosted a Q&A session on the social media platform Reddit.

The ‘Ask Me Anything’ forums gave users and aspiring software developers the chance to have their technology questions answered by experienced experts.

MagicLab currently looks after Bumble and Badoo, which between them boast over half a billion users around the world. Their iOS apps have more than 450K lines of code and 350K downloads per week on the app store.

In the ongoing turbulent times, being able to work remotely is becoming increasingly important. MagicLab assured the readers that it was taking every possible to precaution to ensure the company remained operational while also putting the health and safety of its employees first.

A spokesperson: “Our company has all the instruments to work remotely in an efficient way, when you need to stay at home, but we don’t yet have full-remote positions. When you are at home you can call the office meeting room or to colleagues working phones from your laptops.

“Also mostly we are documenting everything and this is very useful when someone can’t participate in a meeting he or she can read after.”

When questioned on how Bumble manages to put women first from a design front, there was a maintained belief that women will be at the forefront in every decision at the company. This includes continuing to be the conversation starters after a match and introducing new features based on equality.

Discussing the issues arising with growing numbers of users, they said: “When the amount of active users grows, the cost of bugs and mistakes rise as well. It forces teams to make tools and processes for automating the quality control.

“Another challenge is to cope with a growing team of developers. It’s more like organisational change but in fact, it changes a lot. For example, some issues can’t be resolved just in the private chat-room, changes and agreements should be available for all members of the team.”

MagicLab used to be the parent company for Chappy, a dating app for gay men. However, the decision was made to merge the app with Bumble in February, to help the latter make more of an impact in the LGBTQ space.

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