Man Arrested After Allegedly Raping & Filming Badoo Match Naked, Threatening To Post Footage Online


A man has been arrested after he allegedly raped and filmed his Badoo date whilst she was naked and threatened to post the footage online if she refused to have sex with him, reports say.

Identified as Samuel, the Customs officer allegedly met his victim (a 26-year-old woman) on dating platform Badoo and invited her to his home in Lagos.

The woman is said to have gone to Samuel’s house in March 2017, where he supposedly “entertained” her before making advances that she rejected, reports say.

After being turned down, Samuel is said to have locked the woman in his house whilst he went out.

Reports say that when Samuel returned seven hours later, the woman “had almost become unconscious” – he then allegedly raped the woman and is said to have taken a video of her whilst she was naked.

Samuel supposedly used this footage to get the woman to return to his house on separate occasions, by threatening to post it on social media, reports say.

A police spokesperson said: “The suspect is a Customs officer. He and the victim met on Badoo and he asked her to visit him. She honoured the invitation, unknown to her that he had a hidden agenda.

“He shut her inside and went out. The woman said she called for help to no avail. He returned home seven hours after and met her semi-conscious. Probably, he had put sedatives into a drink he used to entertain her.

“He removed her clothes, raped her and videoed her nakedness. Thereafter, whenever he called her to come to his house and she refused, he would threaten to put the video on the social media and out of fear, she would yield to his request.

“At a point, she declined an invitation to his house and dared him. He sent the video to her relative to show that he meant his threat. The relative and the victim later reported the case to the police, leading to his arrest.”

Reports say that Samuel has been transferred to the Sexual and Domestic Violence Unit of the command headquarters in Ikeja.

The case is ongoing.