Tonight This Tuxedo Dater Is Taking To Streets Of London In Search Of Dinner Date

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Tonight, one man will be taking to the streets of London in hopes of getting himself a dinner date.

Scott, a gay man from the United States, has grown tired of today’s online dating “mayhem”, and is reverting back to the old-fashioned way of finding yourself a date.

At 8 o’clock this evening, he will be standing outside the capital’s National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, wearing a tuxedo and in search of someone who he can take on a romantic date.

To announce his plan, Scott posted a video on YouTube, explaining how he came up with the idea after realising he had a few days left on a tuxedo rental following an evening out at an awards ceremony.

He said: “Last week my boss very kindly invited me to an awards event which my company is going to. So I had to rent a tuxedo – because, sadly, at the age of 33, I still do not own a tuxedo.

“And so, I went into a store to rent one. In this particular store, part of their rental terms meant that I had to keep the tuxedo for a minimum of four days.

“So I thought I may as well put it to good use while I have it – and use it to find a date. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do!”

The 33-year-old communications worker moved to London from Kentucky three years ago, and is now hoping to find a creative person he can share his city experience with.

He enjoys iced lattes, golden retrievers and the oxford comma, and describes his ideal man as tall, dark and handsome.

And after have no luck with finding love on dating apps, Scott is hoping that his back-to-basics approach will improve his chances of getting himself a successful date.

Scott said: “After all that internet dating mayhem that many of us have to go through these days, I just want to give some good old-fashioned, dramatic romance a try!

“That style of meeting people more suits my personality anyway – I’ve always liked the old romantic comedies so I figured, why not?

“I literally have no idea where we’ll go, or what we’ll see or do — but I figure that when you’re in a tux, the night can only be spectacular.”

Watch the video below: