Marketing Analytics Tool Built For Match Group By AppsFlyer Sees Official Launch

AppsFlyer Pivot

A data analytics tool purpose-built for Match Group that made its daily marketing KPI review process 15% more efficient has been officially launched.

The tool was created by AppsFlyer after Match Group asked the analytics company to develop a tool to help the company understand its data easily “without turning to offline software or needing to seek out data analysts”.

The result, Pivot, is a reporting interface that lets companies easily view and customise marketing data like mobile attribution data, marketing analytics data and other key KPIs.

The drag-and-drop interface enables marketers to analyse up to 100,000 rows of aggregated customisable data “without the need for offline tools like Microsoft Excel”.

AppsFlyer Pivot

Available in the AppsFlyer analytics dashboard, users can track the performance of their apps by media source, looking at different funnel stages and tracking KPIs like conversion rates, installs, cost, ROI and revenue.

Other use cases include the ability to build custom funnels, tracking everything from impressions and clicks to in-app events and uninstalls, filtering by campaign, adset, GEO or media source.

Pivot also lets marketers analyse media cost and ROI across apps and media sources, as well as combining activity and retention KPIs into one dashboard to help identify the right balance between user acquisition and retargeting.

AppsFlyer Pivot

James Peng, Head of Mobile and Social Acquisition at Match Group said: “For any marketer, one of the biggest challenges is standardizing and aligning front-end and back-end data for the purpose of making spend optimizations and decisions.

“Pivot makes our ad network optimization process about 10% faster, and our typical day-to-day activities reviewing trends and performance activities more efficient by about 15%. We use insights from Pivot for a wide range of efforts, from dashboarding to fraud checks to campaign optimization.

“This tool is valuable for the industry and has allowed us to shift our attention from piecing together data from our ad networks to acting directly on the insights that should be sourced at the genesis of the data, the attribution provider, to begin with.”

And after building the platform for Match Group and beta testing it with partners like The Telegraph, Gett and SkyScanner, AppsFlyer is now making the tool officially available to all partners.

Oren Kaniel, CEO and co-founder of AppsFlyer said: “Since the early days of the PC, marketers have relied on basic tools like Microsoft Excel to analyze data, and today many remain dependent on these same tools.

“Pivot gives marketers the ability to take data into their own hands, so they can work faster, collaborate smarter and discover deeper insights without an overdependence on tools that can waste business’ time and resources.”

Pivot, which is a premium feature, is now available to all AppsFlyer customers – find out more here.