Marketing Week Assesses Advertising Space on Dating Apps

Marketing Week has published a long-form analysis of advertising space on dating apps, noting that brands such as Domino’s are beginning to invest in the industry.

Many companies are creating context-specific promotions, such as New York City Football Club offering stadium dates. The partnership allows them to reach millennial consumers, who make up some 80% of Tinder users.

The UK’s National Health Service has used dating apps to call for blood and organ donations in the past, a campaign which saw a “saw a 92% uplift in organ donation sign-ups”. This was due to both the 24 million impressions it garnered, and the accompanying 70+ pieces of media coverage.

Author Ellen Hammett draws a comparison between Tinder and Facebook, suggesting that the former suffers far less from advertising clutter. Ads on Facebook are likely to annoy consumers, whereas on Tinder integrate into the user experience.

Match Group’s GM of Global Advertising and Brand Solutions, Peter Foster, said: “If you’re on Tinder and thinking about where you’re going to go Friday night and who you’re going to be with, you’re also thinking where am I going to go, what am I going to do, what am I going to wear, what’s my hair going to look like, what movies are on?

“It’s a really context-heavy way to reach that single audience versus maybe Facebook which might know you’re single but your mindset on Facebook is very different. You’re leaning back and absorbing content versus thinking about a specific part of how you’re living your life.”

Tinder typically asks for an investment of £19,000 or more from advertisers, though recent moves into the programmatic advertising space may allow smaller firms to benefit from exposure on its platform.

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