Match and Bumble Each Want the Other’s Lawsuit Withdrawn


Match Group and Bumble have both argued this week that the other’s lawsuit should be thrown out.

The demands come immediately after the parties failed to settle their intellectual property disputes in private.

Match submitted its notice of removal at the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas on Wednesday. One key section reads:

“Plaintiffs responded by filing claims against Match alleging that Match tortiously interfered in plaintiffs’ effort to sell Bumble. But the “tort” that Match is alleged to have engaged in is the filing of its federal suit enforcing its patent and trademark rights — a suit that plaintiffs label as “frivolous,” “meritless,” and “bogus.” (…) Plaintiffs further allege that Match’s patents are “invalid.” (…) Rather than filing these claims in federal court as compulsory counterclaims, Bumble instead sued Match in Texas state court, even though federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over patent disputes.”

Bumble has told Fortune that it too will be asking courts to remove the lawsuit against it. The feminist app will argue claims made about the platform are without merit.

In a statement released this week, Bumble said:

“Bumble has today formally responded to Match’s lawsuit from March 2018 alleging patent infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. We believe all of the claims are baseless, and are seeking to have several claims dismissed immediately, given their lack of merit.

“As stated previously, this was a thinly veiled attempt by Match to interfere with Bumble’s growth, as Bumble continues to take share from Tinder, and to scare potential suitors so Match could acquire Bumble at below market value. It also demonstrates an attempt by Match to monopolize the very practice of making real, meaningful connections.

“Match did not invent the world of dating; men and especially women everywhere deserve the opportunity to connect with who they want, on their terms, and Bumble will continue to stand up for our users and our values as we take this battle to court.”

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Scott Harvey

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