Match CEO Believes Video Dating is a ‘Lasting Trend’

The CEO of has said that video dating will be a trend that will continue to thrive in the industry, even after COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are lifted.

With more than one third of the world’s population currently isolating themselves, video dating features have exploded on many leading online dating platforms. 

Hesam Hosseini was taking part in an interview with financial news network Cheddar when he said: “Singles, probably more than anyone, are feeling isolated as they stay at home. I think the dating industry, and Match, have a pretty important role to play as apps or tools that can connect you to people you don’t know. We can play a role in making singles feel less isolated.”

“Video has been around within dating, but adoption has been pretty low. We ran a survey and, during COVID-19, we found that almost 70 percent of singles are now interested in trying video, which is what led us to launch Vibe Check on Match.”

Vibe Check is an in-app video calling service that was launched last week, and allows singles to safely chat with each other before deciding whether to exchange phone numbers.

Hosseini added: “The way we’ve thought about video as the name implies, Vibe Check, post-COVID-19 and post the lockdown, it’s not meant to replace in-person dates. It’s meant to be a shorter way to know if you have a spark with someone.

“When you’re on video I think it could lead to more meaningful conversations and actually get a deeper connection with someone.

“We are seeing even just the early stages of dating changing and maybe for the better that we are moving away from ‘hook-up culture’ and more towards building real relationships.”

Watch the full interview here.