Date Coaching to Cover USA by 2020 has announced that its date coaching, most of which takes place over the phone, will be expanded across the US over the next few months.

At present, unlimited AskMatch coaching sessions are available as part of a standard membership in 18 states. 

The advice that the legacy brand provides comes at a rate far cheaper than other dating coaches, who often charge hundreds of dollars per session. 

Speaking to Fast Company, CEO Hesam Hosseini said that a wider rollout of coaching was “just the first step” towards giving the brand a more human touch.

He explained that plenty of younger users need help establishing connections with their prospects, while older users tend to struggle building a profile and flirting online.

95% of polled users were satisfied with the coaching they received as part of their package, and 60% were more likely to recommend the app to other singles as a result.

Hosseini said of coaches: “It takes a special kind of person to listen to other folks’ dating trouble for eight hours a day, every day. When the personality is a fit, not only do they excel, they actually love their work.”

He added: “We are actively looking for LGBTQ coaches. That’s still a gap for us, but there’s a lot of focus in filling that gap.”

The executive, who joined in early 2018 and was just 10 years old when launched, has been tasked with taking the brand past a growth plateau.

Last month, teamed up with actor and comedian Rebel Wilson for a series of fake podcast episodes providing snippets of dating advice.  

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