Origin Story Series Coming to TBS

A new series will tell the origin story of, exploring the theft of Founder Gary Kremen’s ‘’ domain.

Kremen fought a lawsuit over its ownership which lasted through the .com bubble and into the early 2000s.

Creatives John Altschuler and David Krinsky are behind the new production, which will go to pilot in the coming months. The duo’s Silicon Valley is currently in its sixth and final season.

Journalist Kieren McCarthy said of the saga: “It was the best domain on the internet because you had millions of people turning up just to see what was there. 

“He made millions just by existing. It was the Holy Grail of the internet at the time, and people went a bit mad over it.”

His book,, and fellow reporter David Kushner’s The Players Ball: A Genius, a Con Man, and the Secret History of the Internet’s Rise both tell the story of the domain’s ownership.

Kremen won the case in 2001 and set a precedent that domain names can be owned and stolen.

Earlier this week, Tinder announced the completion of filming for its first television series. The plot is said to “apocalyptic”, though it contains romantic undertones. 

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