Match Details Rise in ‘Virtual Dates’ Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown

Match has revealed figures to show that the UK has seen a rise in virtual dates, as the COVID-19 lockdown forces singles to change their dating habits.

The online dating platform found that a third of singles have already agreed to a virtual date, using independent video call services to engage in face-to-face conversations.

Adhering to government advice to remain at home, singles are spending around seven hours a week using dating websites

Singles have taken to having virtual catch-ups, drinks, takeaways, and even online movie nights. Many are also using video calls to meet their partners parents for the first time.

Almost half of dating app users (47%) are still looking for love during the pandemic.

Match’s dating expert Hayley Quinn believes the shift in behaviour is a good thing, explaining: “Whilst in the past people may have found themselves not dedicating enough time to their love lives or coming to hard and fast decisions about who they want to date, we’re going to witness some big changes in people’s dating behaviours.

“Not being able to physically meet means that people’s desire for human connection will increase. Apart from a surge in online dating, I expect to see longer courtship periods, more time invested in getting to know people and better decisions being made about potential partners!”

Match Group’s CEO Shar Dubey explained in an open letter last week that the company is “moving quickly” to implement video chat features across its portfolio.

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