Match Group CEO Discusses Asian Localisation

Mandy Ginsberg has appeared on CNBC’s financial talk show Squawk Box to discuss her company’s plans for continued international expansion.

The Match Group CEO was welcomed onto the programme alongside a graphic which showed that the online dating company’s position in the stock market had grown by 150% since she took charge in January 2018.

This is in spite of fairly significant drops following the first Facebook Dating announcement, and further drops when the platform made its entry into the US market in early September.

Ginsberg mentioned to the hosts that approximately 40% of new relationships in North America and Europe now start online.

Match Group is looking to impact large Asian markets, such as India and Indonesia, where the same level of demand may emerge. The difference in dating culture between Western and Asian markets means that the products will need to be highly localised, however.

Ginsberg told Squawk Box: “In Asia there’s much more of a nuance and an alibi so you want to meet friends and go out to do things of common interest. Whereas [in the US] we tend to be a little bit more overt in our dating practices.”

Tinder launched a new marketing campaign in the region that presented the app as a friend-finding tool, rather than just as a dating app.

She also mentioned that more and more young people are opting against arranged marriages and wanting to have more of a say in who they date.

Another Match Group subsidiary, OkCupid, released a targeted advertising movement in India that showed users finding matches that they truly connected with, rather than being set up by family and friends.

Watch the full interview here.