Match Group Commits to Keeping Ethnicity Filters

Match Group has decided to continue giving users the option to filter their ideal matches by race. The decision comes after the death of George Floyd which sparked Black Lives Matter protests around the world. 

Many dating apps, including Grindr and SCRUFF, have opted to remove the race filter from their platform.

SCRUFF pledged on Twitter to “Fight against systemic racism and historic oppression of the Black community. We commit to continue to make product improvements that address racism and unconscious bias across our apps.”

Justine Sacco, a spokesperson at Match Group, said in a statement: “In many cases we’ve been asked to create filters for minorities that would otherwise not find each other.

“It’s important to give people the ability to find others that have similar values, cultural upbringings and experiences that can enhance their dating experience, and it’s critical that technology allows communities the ability to find likeminded individuals, creating safe spaces, free from discrimination.”

The company has an extensive portfolio of dating apps and the filter is available on some like Hinge, but not on Tinder.

Elsewhere, The Inner Circle says it offers users the ability to sort based on nationality, but not ethnicity. 

Critics are split on the decision. Some believe that keeping the filter reinforces racial bias by allowing singles to premeditate which ethnicities they are not attracted to.

However, some People of Colour believe they are beneficial, as it helps them not be seen on dating apps by racists who could attack them with a barrage of abuse.

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