Match Group Forms New AI Team

An internal memo from Match Group has revealed plans for a new team focusing on generative AI and other emerging technologies. Called the ‘Art x Science Lab’, the team will be formed of engineers and designers, and led by Mark Kantor, Vice President of Innovation.

In a memo obtained by Mashable, Will Wu, Match Group’s Chief Technology Officer, highlighted that the name ‘Art x Science Lab’ can be shortened to ASL. This is an homage to the common online chatting acronym for “age/sex/location’

The multi-meaning name “serves as a reminder of how dramatically digital relationships have changed in just a few decades, and emboldens us to think big as we pursue transformative impact in the years ahead”, Wu wrote.

In charge of this new team is Mark Kantor, who has experience developing AI products for retail investors and growing video game developers. 

In the company’s recent Q2 letter to shareholders, it highlighted that it would be keeping an eye on AI and other innovative technologies. Match Group shared that this innovation would come “with a focus on authenticity and maintaining foremost consideration to ethical and privacy standards”.

The Hyperconnect brand was also mentioned as a source of tech development, with the Asia-based organisation providing “a large team of talented AI engineers which we’re leveraging to drive a number of important AI-related initiatives across the portfolio”, the letter shared.

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