Match Group Unveils New Logo Representing Global Connections

Match Group has undergone a rebrand to showcase how the portfolio works to match people around the world. The themes run all the way across its newly designed website.

The online dating company’s new logo is a capital ‘M’ and ‘G’ drawn in one continuous line with two dots above the preliminary letter. The monogram is representative of the human connections Match Group sparks, while using an “approachable” font to appear welcoming to new users.

It consists of colours on the ‘Electric Blue’ and ‘Electric Teal’ spectrum, a modern scheme with smooth, flowing transitions.

The simple, curved thread is an integral part of Match Group’s new typography and will be ever-present across the company’s materials. Again, the line is used as a clear representation of the facilitation of connections across multiple demographics.

A number of new brand icons have been created to highlight different sections of the business, such as profile, connection, relationship, privacy and worldwide. Their designs follow the same structure of a simple, singular line.

Match Group is due to publish its earnings report for the First Quarter of 2021 on 4th May, following the close of the Nasdaq market. A conference call will be hosted the next morning to discuss the results and forward looking statements.

There’s no guarantee that the redesign will be covered on either of these dates as Match Group has recently stopped releasing accompanying presentations. unveiled its own modern redesign in February to coincide with its 25th anniversary. The team wanted to update to appeal to younger daters and encourage them to use the platform to find serious relationships.

Visit the new Match Group website here.