Match Group Welcomes EU’s Probe Into Apple Commission Rates

Apple has announced that it facilitated a total of $519 billion in billings and sales across the world during 2019.

The results were reported following a study by economists from the Analysis Group which examined how consumers were making purchases and paying for services through the App Store.

However, Apple has faced continued criticism for the amount of commission it makes. The technology giant receives 30% from all App Store purchases and was even forced to defend itself in the US Supreme Court two years ago.

Now, the European Union has just opened a new antitrust probe into Apple to see if it breaches the organisation’s fair competition rules.

The news has been welcomed by Match Group as it issued a statement criticizing Apple’s regulations.

A spokesperson for the online dating company wrote: “Apple is a partner, but also a dominant platform whose actions force the vast majority of consumers to pay more for third-party apps that Apple arbitrarily defines as ‘digital services’. 

“Apple squeezes industries like e-books, music and video streaming, cloud storage, gaming and online dating for 30% of their revenue, which is all the more alarming when Apple then enters that space, as we’ve repeatedly seen. We’re acutely aware of their power over us. 

“We welcome the opportunity to discuss this with Apple and create an equitable distribution of fees across the entire App Store, as well as with interested parties in the EU and in the U.S.”

Other major companies, including Spotify and Epic Games, have spoken out against Apple and are looking forward to the impending investigation.

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