Match Launches New Television Adverts Focused on Commitment

Match has launched a new marketing campaign that looks to combat ‘dating fatigue’ by promoting successful, committed relationships.

In an online world of an overabundance or choice available on casual dating apps, data has shown that this huge variety causes commitment issues amongst singles. 

A study has shown that 44% of single women are unhappy with the lack of commitment of other singles they meet through online dating.

The new campaign, which carries the tagline ‘Match: Start Something Real’, is designed to emphasise the authenticity of real relationships formed on Match, as well as celebrating singles who want to show commitment, affirming that sometimes commitment is the best part of a relationship.

It shows a number of TV scenes which appear to be sexy, but actually then turn out to be signs of commitment when things start to get serious in a relationship. 

The launch also encapsulates the release of a special edition logo, asserting the market position as a brand which isn’t just for dates, but for starting real relationships too.

Match’s traditional logo has been changed from blue to pink, as data shows pink is best associated with love and relationships.

The change is also to advertise a single comedy night in London, being hosted on 20th January, also known as ‘Blue Monday’. The third Monday of the new year is annually recognised as the most depressing day of the calendar, although there is very little scientific evidence to support this claim.

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