Match Releases Findings from Annual ‘Singles in America’ Survey has published findings from the 2019 edition of its Singles in America survey, an annual study which considers dating trends across the US.

Researchers found 70% of Gen Z and 63% of millennials were looking for romantic love, and similar proportions were optimistic about finding it.

One in three young people felt that their financial situation had held them back from finding love. Similarly, around one in five wanted to hit a certain income level before settling down. 

Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Science Advisor to Match, said: “Modern love, sex and romance are thriving in America – from Millennials to seniors.

“The current fear that the young don’t care about love and commitment is just plain wrong. They are simply having a hard time finding it and feeling burnt out by the search.

“Moreover, this year’s Singles in America study gives a first-of-its-kind look at the positive impact the #MeToo movement has had on single men – on dates and in the office.”

The findings relating to gender highlighted a number of trends. Men are mostly relaxed about women making the first move, but only 28% of young women were prone to. Similar statistics emerged relating to women asking for a phone number, offering to split the bill or leaning in for a first kiss.

39% of young women had sent the first message after a good date, however, up from 27% of women in older generations.

The findings challenged the notion of a declining interest in sex among millenials, showing that the majority aimed to have sex 2-3 times per week.

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Scott Harvey

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