Matchmaker App Censio Introduces New Screening Feature

Online dating and matchmaking startup Censio has introduced an assessment feature that is specially designed to ensure users are as safe as possible when meeting up for a date.

The new tool, known as Censio Screening, was created in collaboration with national data intelligence company Cleara and lets users run a comprehensive background check on all of their matches.

It was built using facial recognition technology and provides a list of any recorded criminal offences.

Censio co-founder and CEO Cyr Modeste-Mongo said in a statement: “In a world where online dating apps are becoming the backyard of sexual predators and criminals, it was imperative for us to partner with a company such as Cleara to create our Censio Screening feature and allow our users to have the possibility to run a comprehensive background check on a match. 

“At the end of the day, I want our users to feel safe while helping them find love.”

Part of the Censio sign-up process now includes an opt-in section so new users will be well aware of what data Censio Screening will access. None of the singles will be forced to use the feature to analyse their matches, but it is encouraged.

Chief Matchmaker Carmelia Ray added: “Censio Screening gives our users peace of mind and protection against potential scammers and would-be predators and is an essential tool for relationship ready singles!”

Speaking to GDI earlier this year, Cyr Modeste-Mongo explained that Censio differentiates itself from dating apps because it mirrors the traditional matchmaker process by guiding singles the whole way through their journey and only connecting them with one person at a time.

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Dominic Whitlock

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