Meet The Creators Of The Clever Added Keyboard Tool Looking To Shake Up Online Dating Openers


One of the most popular startups that pitched at our GDI Spotlight event last year was an innovative tech company called WeShake.

The Tel Aviv startup operates a clever added keyboard product called WeShake, which when used with dating apps generates random and amusing pickup lines when you shake your phone, to try and increase users’ response rates when online dating.

We recently caught up with WeShake co-founder Zacharie Konstabler to talk about the idea, what sort of engagement the product sees and why dating sites should want to implement the tech into their platforms.

How did the idea for the product come about? How does it work?

As entrepreneurs in the dating world, but as active dating users as well, we wanted to enhance the dating experience. It is no secret that the “first impression” is probably the most important part between two strangers seeking to break the ice. Most dating users lack originality at that point and end up saying the same boring line: “Hey, how are you?”

By understating this gap in the market, we decided to make use of humour and originality as a solution and support for users looking to avoid the “classic opening line”. Therefore, we decided to create WeShake.

We took into account the fact that dating users react better to content, humour and originality, which also enables them to bounce onto different topics, something that increases their chances of receiving a satisfying answer.

WeShake is an AI SaaS solution that generates random and funny pickup lines when you shake your phone, to support all dating users looking to break the ice.

Once you have added the keyboard to your smartphone, you simply choose your gender category and language, and shake your phone! A random witty line will than appear in your text box.

WeShake exists today in the form of a keyboard, however it can also be added directly as an added feature on different dating apps.


What is your mission?

Our mission towards dating users is to be an ultimate support by enhancing their dating experience, adding humour and originality to their conversations, while increasing their success rate of receiving satisfied replies when using WeShake, therefore improving their overall dating experience.

With regards to dating platforms, our mission is to:

  1. Increase the retention rate
  2. Increase the time spent on the chat/app
  3. Diminish the churn rate
  4. Serve as an additional revenue stream.

What stage is the company & product at now?

WeShake is in the early days of the scale stage. Having launched a successful beta test in early September 2016 in order to learn user behaviour, we now aim to continue our growth stategy by further expanding the product’s reach in the world of online dating.

What sort of stats on users/downloads, growth & engagement can you share?

WeShake has an engagement of 15k users while targeting 5k during a two week beta test. Today, and based solely on a word of mouth, WeShake sees a day-to-day growth in engagement and downloads with an average of 2,000 shakes per day.

What other verticals can WeShake be used in? How else can the product be used, outside of dating?

WeShake brings an innovative solution for instant messaging platforms to easily monetise, therefore in the near future WeShake aims to benefit from this opportunity, by expanding into more verticals that use chat and are looking for new revenue streams. In addition to this, WeShake also has the ability to expand internationally, as it can be adapted to many different languages.

Which other platforms are currently using the WeShake technology? Are there any in the pipeline?

WeShake is an independent platform that individual dating users can download, however it is currently already implemented in WizzLuck, the first augmented reality dating app for the gay community. It has also recently established a partnership with CiaoDate and is currently working on building more partnerships.

Why should dating services want to implement WeShake into their products?

Dating services who implement WeShake into their products will benefit from the following:

  1. A simple and easy innovative feature for their platform & users.
  2. An outstanding feature that sets them apart from competitors, who are always looking for new features.
  3. Their users will benefit from a fun and simple feature that is easy to use, increasing their enjoyment and overall success rate.
  4. They will see an increase in retention, extra time spent on the chat and a diminishing churn rate.
  5. They will benefit from a complete and additional innovative revenue stream to their platform without having to take care of anything.

How can dating companies implement the tech into their products, and how easy is it?

A simple and easy to implement integration kit has been developed to make it easy for both parties to integrate.

What are your plans for 2017?

Our plans for 2017 are to match our growth strategy objectives to develop WeShake in the best possible way, transforming it into a key derivative player in the dating world, a tool requested by both users and dating platforms, while maintaining its full interests as an independent platform.

Find out more about WeShake here, and download the app on iOS and Android.

Simon Edmunds

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