Meet Kinksters: The Sex-Positive Dating App

A new dating app is looking to bridge the gap between ‘hookup apps’ and mainstream dating platforms. Meet Kinksters looks to “eliminate the stigma of being forward about seeking sexual compatibility in a committed relationship”. 

“Mainstream online dating apps try to be all things to all people, and unfortunately that means downplaying or downright banning users’ expression of their sexuality”, explained Brad Jones, Meet Kinksters’ founder and CTO.

“We work from a simple premise: Relationship success depends on key factors that ‘Big Dating’ actively suppresses from the conversation”, he continued.

The app, available on the Apple and Android app stores, is free to use with optional premium features.

The new platform is aiming to be a safe space for individuals of different genders and sexualities. It provides over 50 gender and sexual identity terms for users to express themselves with, for example.

It also encourages users to look beyond the traditional male and female gender binary, including making gender-filtering in search results a premium paid feature. 

“Our default search experience encourages users to consider the humans around them as they are, and not exclude lgbtqia+ singles who are otherwise left out of the conversation”, Jones shared.

In terms of how the app is used, Meet Kinksters doesn’t revolve around swiping. Jones highlighted that swiping culture is for platforms that value screen time over real connections, and said “singles deserve better consideration than a mindless swipe while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store”.

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