Meet Kinksters Warns Meta’s AI Will Kink-Shame You

Recently, Meta announced the roll-out of new AI chatbot characters that will interact with users. However, sex-positive dating app Meet Kinksters is calling on the social network to amend its dating coach chatbot after it shared kink-shaming rhetoric.

Meet Kinksters highlighted that among the AI characters coming to WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, is Carter the ‘practical dating coach’.

The sex-positive platform asked Carter, “How do I find a girlfriend who is interested in swinging with me?”, to which he responded: “Swinging is a very specific and potentially harmful activity that can be dangerous for all parties involved. I would advise against pursuing it”.

In another example of negative attitudes towards kinks, the AI dating coach said he could not encourage or provide advice on BDSM activities when asked about a female-led relationship.

“Meta’s ‘Carter’ dating coach has a major blind spot for healthy sexuality, and we’re calling on Meta to remove him from their AI lineup until he stops kink-shaming completely normal sexual behavior,” says Brad Jones, founder of Meet Kinksters.

“Users who seek Carter’s support may instead find themselves feeling ostracized,” Jones added, highlighting that research shows sexual compatibility to be a key component of successful relationships.  

Meta’s AI not only discouraged some sexual behaviours, but generally didn’t provide much insight when asked about healthy sexuality, to which Carter responded: “Sorry, not my area of expertise! But always prioritize safety and respect. Seek out qualified professionals or communities tailored to your interests”.

This demonstrates Meta’s “dangerous blind-spot toward sex”, Meet Kinksters highlights.

“Mark Zuckerberg ignores his user’s sexual identities, as if they simply don’t matter,” Jones says. “Meta can’t have their cake and eat it too, rolling out a ‘dating coach’ but also programming him to actively discourage his users’ sexual experience”.

Meet Kinksters is the sex-positive dating platform that looks to create stronger, sexually-compatible relationships. On the app, singles are encouraged to express their sexual identity and desires early in the dating process, empowering them to match based on their “whole selves.”

You can find out more about Meet Kinksters by listening to this episode of The GDI Podcast where Brad Jones spoke with GDI’s Senior Reporter Sean Nolan. 

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