Meetic Targets Single Parents and Same-Sex Couples in Commitment Promotion

Match’s European branch Meetic has launched a new marketing campaign that targets previously under-served core membership groups.

The “If Commitment Is Your Thing” video promotions begin by suggesting a sexual activity is taking place, before revealing a committed couple doing something more mundane, such as hanging a picture on the wall.

Each of the couples in the clips represent single parents, as well as same-sex and mixed-race relationships.

A spokesperson from Marcel Worldwide, the creative agency behind the campaign, said in a statement: “The message this campaign delivers has a particular resonance: in a society that values casual dating and one-night stands, it feels good to tell the world that more serious relationships and commitment are as cool and sexy.”

Single parents make up a large portion of Meetic’s user base, with 48% of members already having children.

The Wall Street Journal published an article earlier this week covering websites like Modamily and Pollen Tree that help connect couples who want to co-parent a child but without the romantic relationship.

The controversial products are designed for people in their mid-30s to quickly find a platonic relationship, rather than potentially wasting time looking for a romantic partner on mainstream platforms.

It’s also a popular option for gay men that want the oppurtunity to be a parent, and approximately half of Pollen Tree’s male members don’t identify as heterosexual.

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