Meri Jaan App Connects Like-Minded Professionals From The Indian Community

meri jaan app

A new dating app is looking to help single, educated professionals within the Indian community take control of making their own love connections.

Meri Jaan, which translates to “My Love” in Hindi, is a new location-based service for individuals who are tired of the usual arranged marriage traditions, which are still quite common in Indian culture.

The app was founded by Darren Haroon, a pharmacist with a well-rounded knowledge and experience of the dating industry, after noticing that Generation Y were starting to break the trend of letting their parents have control over their love lives.

Haroon told GDI: “The rise of the smartphone and more connectivity has allowed Indians with very strong traditional values to break away from the norm to follow their hearts.

“Especially our target audience. They are educated, have a good job, well travelled and most likely enjoy the finer things in life. Why won’t they want to choose their ideal partner?

“Gen Y are becoming more self sufficient and less reliant on their parents, which allows them to do what they like and choose whom they date and marry.

“Especially outside of India, interracial marriages are becoming more common for Gen Y, which shows that parents are slowly starting to be more accepting.”

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How Meri Jaan app works

The Melbourne-based platform works by searching through its database of verified profiles to find suitable matches for each of its users.

After joining the app, users can browse through suggestions, signifying their interest in another profile by sending them a “Heart”.

And like most popular dating apps, if the other person shows a mutual interest, both users will be connected and will have the chance to talk through the app’s chat feature.

The Meri Jaan app uses geo-location technology to put its users in touch will other professionals in their vicinity, and will send users instant notifications when they receive matches and likes.

When asked about why he wanted the app to specifically cater to Indian professionals, Haroon said: “Online dating has made it easier than ever to find your ideal partner anywhere in the world.

“Especially within the Indian culture where everyone would like to marry someone that is educated and has a well paid job, it can be very hard finding the right partner that has both these qualities.

“This could be due to location or work commitments or even social friends. Indian parents are more happy in the fact that their son/daughter is getting married than worrying about how they meet. Especially if both are in love.”

In order to deal with fake profiles, Meri Jaan employs moderators to screen and vet all sign-ups to the app.

The Meri Jaan app is now available for both Android and iOS devices worldwide, having recently launched on the App Store.

At the moment, the app is free to download, but its developers are now in the final stages of setting up a paid subscription service.

According to Haroon, Meri Jaan’s target markets are the UK, United States, Canada, and the Asia Pacific regions.

Find out more about the app on its official site.