Meta Develops ‘Ethical Framework’ For Virtual Influencers

Meta has developed an ethical framework to provide guidelines for virtual influencers entering the new metaverse.

The coming metaverse shift will further complicate the ideology of right and wrong online, with the rise of virtual depictions blurring the lines of what will be allowed, in terms of representation. But with many virtual influencers already operating, Meta is now working to establish ethical boundaries on their application.

Meta said: “From synthesized versions of real people to wholly invented “virtual influencers” (VIs), synthetic media is a rising phenomenon. Meta platforms are home to more than 200 VIs, with 30 verified VI accounts hosted on Instagram. These VIs boast huge follower counts, collaborate with some of the world’s biggest brands, fundraise for organizations like the WHO, and champion social causes like Black Lives Matter.”

The rise of AI ‘bots’ and avatars is the future of social media and advertising – creating a lifelike representation of something that isn’t actually there. It defies the bounds of reality in news, and without a framework to ensure it’s used ethically and in a controlled manner – could result in tricky situations with difficult consequences.

Read the full framework from Meta here.