Meta Introduces Privacy Centre To Help Users Better Understand Data Use

Meta has launched it’s new Privacy Centre, aimed at educating people on their privacy options and make it easier to understand how they collect and use information.

In the Privacy Centre, users can learn about Meta’s approach to privacy, read up on their Data Policy and learn how to use the privacy and security controls on offer.  

Privacy Centre is currently available to some people using Facebook on desktop, with the plan to expand it out to more people and apps in the coming months. Meta have built a number of privacy and security controls across their apps and technologies over the years, and their goal is for the Privacy Centre to serve as a hub for those controls and privacy education.

Within the current version of Privacy Centre, there are five modules, each containing guides and controls related to a common privacy topic: Security, Sharing, Collection, Use, and Ads. Users can explore each section to understand how Meta collects and uses date from users to enhance experience, and the data that they actually collect. Users can get to grips on new features to enhance security and data collection, such as account security, setting up tools like two-factor-authentication or learn more about how Meta fights data scraping.

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