Millennials Spend 10 Hours a Week on Dating Apps

New research has revealed that millennials spend an extraordinary 10 hours a week on dating apps.

A study was conducted on 5,000 18-30 year-olds, discovering that a large percentage of the nation are turning to their mobile phones to look for love.

Badoo surveyed its 370 million users worldwide to try and discover modern dating trends. It found out that men are using dating apps more than women.

The research discovered that men spend 85 minutes a day, which averaged at 9.7 minutes each session.

Women didn’t spend as much time on the apps, spending 79 minutes a day and browsing for 7.6 minutes each session.

A spokesperson for Badoo, who helped with the research, said: “These results give one of the first insights into how long Brits spend in pursuit of love. And it will come as no surprise that time is no barrier for most people.”

The study also concluded that women log on to dating apps ten times a day and men at nine times each day.

This month has seen a 23% increase in the number of active users, showing that more people are looking for love in the new year, after Christmas.

Number of matches, on average, generated over the Christmas period by city:

  • London – 225 million
  • Manchester – 70 million
  • Glasgow – 68 million
  • Birmingham – 65 million
  • Leeds – 64 million
  • Bristol – 61 million
  • Edinburgh – 60 million
  • Liverpool – 56 million
  • Nottingham – 50 million
  • Sheffield – 43 million

Chloe Gay

Chloe is a reporter at Global Dating Insights. Originally from Bracknell, she is studying Communication & Media at Bournemouth University. She enjoys writing, travelling and socialising with her friends and family.

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