MillionaireMatch Launches Advertising Campaign at Chinese Airports

MillionaireMatch is continuing to expand into new markets and has begun to advertise in some of China’s top airports.

While the specific locations have not been announced, the campaign has been running since October and has already received positive feedback.

The adverts are being published through a variety of channels – including billboards outside terminals, digital screens and on the side of airport shuttle buses.

The exclusive dating platform is taking advantage of the increased popularity of Chinese international air travel. There has been a record number of flights leaving the country during the past year.

With just over 1.5 million registered millionaires in China, the new campaign is a great opportunity to add to the almost 4 million members currently signed up to the service.

A spokesperson said in a statement: “This is an exciting time for MillionaireMatch and we’re working steadily towards celebrating 20 years of creating happy couples in the year 2021.

“We have begun to work in the Chinese market and our advertising campaigns in our carefully selected partner Chinese airports has been well received and we are greatly encouraged by feedback from both the airports and the travelling public.”

The advertising push is being heavily monitored as the company is looking to make a greater impact on the US market.

MillionaireMatch is planning to run a similar campaign at every major US airport in the future.

Visit the MillionaireMatch website here.