MillionaireMatch Launches ‘Help Center’ For Personal and Professional Advice

MillionaireMatch has launched a ‘Help Center’ to help users succeed in their personal and professional endeavours. The platform is designed to match couples of affluence and influence.

Help Center is an online community where professionals can meet, connect, and grow relationships. It launched this month as a place for new and existing users from across the world to share anything they find useful and meaningful.

Johnny Du, COO at MillionaireMatch, said in a statement: “We are excited to announce the Help Center to our community.

“We are proud to bring together over 4.9 members, many of whom have useful and meaningful advice, skills, or lessons to teach others. Today, people can easily share this information and grow together.”

MillionaireMatch plan to continue to expand the Help Centre into an advice area, where users can gain valuable skills, lessons and experience to find success in their personal and professional lives.

In April, the platform introduced a handwritten letter service to help users better articulate their feelings and potentially strengthen the relatioship.

All premium members have access to the service, and each letter is personalised to include memories, events, or stories from a relationship.

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