MillionaireMatch Shares Most Popular Heights Among Users

MillionaireMatch, the world’s largest millionaire dating service, has shared the results of a new survey on preferred heights. It highlights the preferences of both male and female millionaires.

In a survey of 1200 people, the dating platform revealed that 6 feet tall is the most popular height for men, with 45% of women preferring a man above that. A quarter of female respondents said their preference for a partner was between 5’8″ and 6 feet.

When it comes to women, the most popular height was 5’6″, with 35% of men saying that its their preference for a partner. Only 3% of male respondents said that they would prefer a female partner that is over 5’9″. 

The platform stated that female millionaires tend to prefer partners taller than themselves, with the majority saying that they prefer a man who’s at least 5’11”. 

“A tall female looks more intelligent and independent at first sight. I prefer to swipe right on the profile of a tall woman who writes her height in her description. I will initiate contact by sending the first message to honest women who put more specific information on their profiles,” said Jonathan, a male MillionaireMatch user.

“Tall guys make me feel protected. And, we will have a genetically superior child,” said Sophia, a female user of the platform.

MillionaireMatch is an exclusive platform for members who have annual incomes of over $300,000. It explicitly states that the site is not for sugar daddies or sugar babies. So far it has over 5.3 million members, recording over 2 million monthly conversations. 

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