Mobile Technology Findings from 2017 Deloitte Survey

Global network, Deloitte, has conducted a new survey concerning the next era in mobile technology.

The company discovered that usage habits are now starting to mature and become better defined – a natural device etiquette is evolving.

The number of times a user looks at their phone has remained constant for the past three years at approximately 47 times per day.

Deloitte also discovered that smartphone penetration has gradually increased to 82% overall in the US.

While the smartphone is extremely common in terms of device ownership, the survey discovered that a number of users are still making use of its more analogue features. Voice call usage has increased to 86% after a downfall for the past four years.

When it comes to the additional uses of a smartphone, reading the news has become the most common daily activity.

mPayments have continued to gain popularity – an additional 29% of consumers are now making in-store mobile payments.

One novel finding was that 4G has fallen behind WiFi in terms of overall performance.

68% of consumers are already using some form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Learning on their smartphones, with predictive text, voice assistants and driving route suggestions having the highest use.

Read the full survey results here.

Chloe Gay

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